Angel Animals Book of Inspiration

Angel Animals Book of Inspiration: Divine Messengers of Wisdom
and Compassion

(New World Library, May 2009)

New World Library is the publisher of the Angel Animals series of books.
New World Library ( is an important supplier of great books for animal lovers.



“Allen and Linda have taken the concepts that I share in my books to a whole new level, asking the most profound questions and finding the most wonderful, joyous answers through our animal friends. I am grateful that they have the courage to explore and share the deepest levels of our kindred connections. I love this book. Read it and open your heart, and transform into the loving beings that we all are!”
Allen M. Shoen, DVM, MS, author of Kindred Spirits: How the Remarkable Bond between Humans and Animals Can Change the Way We Live and Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing,


"As a lifelong animal lover,I am delighted to see them celebrated in such a positive way. You and your pet will enjoy reading this together."
--Betty White, actress and author

“Congratulations on the beautiful success of your new book. Of course, I flipped to Shirley’s [my mother's] story. Yes, of course, I cried. Each night before I go to bed, I read two other stories. I do love your new book.”

Richard Simmons, internationally recognized health and fitness expert, author, film, and television celebrity

“In this collection of true stories the Andersons show how animals serve as conduits for messages of spiritual love and help in times of despair, loss, and confusion. Meditations following each story guide those in need of some soul work, making the book even better. . .Pick up several copies as gifts for all the animal lovers on your list. Yes, it really is that good!”
Sally Rosenthal, Best Friends magazine

“Any story in Angel Animals Book of Inspiration will lift your spirits. These truly heartwarming stories prove the power of the unconditional love we receive from our beloved animal friends.”
Tippi Hedren, actress and animal advocate

"Animals truly are angels upon the earth, as Allen and Linda Anderson so beautifully remind us in their wonderful book. Their heart-opening stories are inspirational, and remind us to take wonderful care of our animal friends."
--Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author, Messages from Your Angels and
Angel Therapy

"This sensitive book shows what is so obvious, but what so few people see: that animals can be spiritual messengers and comforters and such a grace for us. Thank goodness Allen and Linda Anderson are documenting this beautiful part of life for all to witness."
--Kristin von Kreisler,
author of
For Bea: The Story of the Dog Who Changed My Life

“All traditional peoples have viewed animals as messenger and mediators of the Divine, which is a lesson we need to relearn. Angel Animals Book of Inspiration is a bold reminder that consciousness takes many forms and is not restricted to humans.”
Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Beyond the Body and
Healing Word

“Aims straight for the heart. . . The experiences shared in the book offer evidence that animals are much more than mere companions and servants.”
Today’s Woman

“This well-written book will appeal to anyone who has ever looked into an animal’s eyes and felt as if an angel was looking back.”
New Age Retailer

“Stories are moving and well told. . . Many of the sketches are tributes to animals – dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, snakes, squirrels, you name it – that rescued or comforted or inspired their humans. . . All the stories are purpose driven, either including a lesson or followed by personal questions for reflection.”
Publishers Weekly

“Illustrates how traditional cultures have viewed animals as messengers and mediators of the Divine, which is a lesson we need to relearn. The book is a bold reminder that consciousness takes many forms and is not restricted to humans.”
Long Island Press

“It’s no longer the case that many people dismiss a pet as merely a possession they own. No, a growing number of people understand that their dogs and cats and reptiles and other companions are beings with souls who are in their lives for a reason.”
The Edge Magazine

"Animal lovers tell stories of rescue. . .[this book]  makes you wonder -- who's rescuing whom?"
--Debbie Moose, The News & Observer

"If you never considered animals to be messengers from God, this collection of real stories about how animals connect us with the Divine will have you wondering, if not convince you that God does exist and can be seen through the animals that share our world."
--Kathy DeSantis,
Awareness Magazine

“Allen and Linda Anderson gracefully explore how we connect with the soul to the Divine through soulful connection with our animal companions – beings who in this book emerge as messengers of immense beauty, humor, compassion, courage, inspiration, and love. Angel Animals Book of Inspiration reminds us that the keys to the kingdom can be found in our own  homes, backyards, and barns.”
Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus

“A wonderful collection of stories guaranteed to make you think, make you feel, and make you grateful that God put such a grand world of wonderful companions and teachers here to join us on our Earthly journey. Sometimes God’s handprint is a paw.”
Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers and Why Buffalo Dance

“It is no a coincidence that God spelled backwards is dog and that a lifeline is three-quarters feline. Read this wonderful book and learn to live a complete life.”
Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

“Angel Animals Book of Inspiration opens our eyes to the possibilities available to every one of us at any moment. Allen and Linda Anderson understand the power of our animal connection and that animals give us unconditional love, truth, and spiritual fulfillment. Savor each story, rich in spirit, and learn from our blessed creatures how preciouslife really is.”
Jackie Waldman, author of The Courage to Give and Teens with the Courage to Give

“There is goodness in every page, in every word of this incredible book. It clearly and honorably speaks the truth that the animals. Spiritual beings in their own right, offer us the Divine in tangible form. What a gift and invaluable tool Allen and Linda Anderson have given us all.”
Rita M. Reynolds, author of
Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us about Death, Dying, and Beyond

“Angel Animals Book of Inspiration awakens us to the truly divine essence of our animal companions and their remarkable devotion to humanity. This is a book to savor and share!”
Judith Guggenheim, after-death communication researcher and coauthor of
Hello from Heaven!

“Every story in this fabulous book is a jewel that will open your heart to love, healing, and faith in all things good. Our relationship with animals is precious, one of God’s greatest gifts. Linda and Allen Anderson honor this gift in a most beautiful way.”
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, PhD, author of
Breakthrough Intuition: How to Achieve a Life of Abundance by Listening to the Voice Within

“The Andersons celebrate our relationship with animals and explain why we often feel spiritually connected with them. This book is an inspiring compilation of stories, pictures, and anecdotes that warm the heart and feed the soul.”
Mary Hessler Key, PhD, author of What Animals Teach Us and The Entrepreneurial Cat


Endorsements from Readers:

"I love your work and enjoy reading the stories. I have an angel dog who is getting on in years and I am dreading the day that she'll no longer be around. I have a friend who is in the same position; I will give this book to her. Keep up the good work. Your stories are very inspirational and eye opening."
--Dolores Dendy

"I really loved your book and so did my friends! It even helped my mother start reading in English, something she thought she could not do. The stories are told in such a clear way, and she enjoyed them so much that she continued reading. Thank you for setting up this network and listening to your inner voice!"
--Maria-Sylvia Lingen, The Netherlands

"My friend gave me your book for a Christmas present, but I had never opened it. My beloved Corgi-mix dog of eleven years died, and I felt I was supposed to start reading it. It is wonderful."
--Bennett E. Hodge, Florida