Angel Animals Book of Inspiration

Angel Animals Book of Inspiration: Divine Messengers of Wisdom
and Compassion

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Divine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion

Some of these extraordinary true stories will make you smile. Others will bring tears to you eyes. Each one will open your heart to new revelations of love in its many forms and shapes.

Dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, birds, rabbits, snakes, dolphins, llamas – the animals in this book reveal compassion, teach hope and forgiveness, or serve as a barometer to measure feelings.

After reading just one of these stories, you will observe the animals in your own path with new eyes and find yourself awakening to deeper, and often startling, spiritual insights about animals as mirrors to the soul.


This book is a second edition reissue of God’s Messengers: What Animals Teach Us about the Divine.

Health and fitness expert Richard Simmons tells the story "Spotted Angels" about the Dalmatians who enriched his mother Shirley's last days.


A retired teacher remembers the hamster who brought inner city school children on a journey from hate to love.


A mother reveals how a special ferret helped her autistic son become the hero of his Little League baseball team.


Empathic cows in a field surround a grieving woman and shed tears with her.


A man in a coma gets a visit from his best canine friend, and the dog’s kisses bring him back to consciousness.


A moose delivers the message to a minister that animals go to heaven.


A dog’s persistent attendance at church services enlivens an entire congregation.


When a woman succumbs to cancer and her hair starts falling out, her dear dog Teddy pulls all the fur from her tail in an act of support.


Sri Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of Eckankar, observes the balances of love and power in his backyard and draws profound conclusions about how spiritual communities are formed.


Allen and Linda Anderson share the story of how a little squirrel, trapped in their house on a frigid, dark night opened their eyes to the protection and guidance they had been receiving all along.


If you have ever felt alone or abandoned, this book will bring comfort, renewal, and spiritual insights. Sixty-six transformational and heartwarming stories are accompanied by 50 black-and-white photographs of adorable animals.



Diana's Poll Parrot featured in her story "Come Back Soon"



“Congratulations on the beautiful success of your new book. Of course, I flipped to Shirley’s [my mother's] story. Yes, of course, I cried. Each night before I go to bed, I read two other stories. I do love your new book.”

Richard Simmons, internationally recognized health and fitness expert, author, film, and television celebrity